Preparing for a Cabin Crew Interview

Becoming a member of an airline cabin crew or flight attendant can be an exciting career opportunity with a massive variety of perks. If you wish to become a member of an airline’s cabin crew there are a few things you should consider before an interview. You will need to ensure you have a squeaky clean criminal record – airlines will not hire someone who will be a potential risk to their credibility. You will need to accumulate all of the references you can regarding work you have done in a service industry. You also must be willing to work long hours and have the relevant qualifications.

Cabin Crew There are standard things you will be required to do for any job interview. These apply to a cabin crew job interview as well. Remember that you are actually representing the airline so pay particular attention to your appearance. Wear the same clothes that you would wear to an interview at a bank when you attempt to get a loan. Basically pull out all the stops and ensure you present yourself as a professional. Also ensure you have got all of your paperwork in order. Don’t fill your resume with irrelevant information. Focus on information about your training that is relevant to becoming a cabin crew member, work you have done in a service industry and any other pertinent details about your interests as they apply to this specific field.

Don’t get carried away with telling your interviewers your life story. Unless they ask, only give them the information they need to know. Remember that job interviewers interview a lot of candidates normally – so sticking to the specifics will ensure you save their time and your own. Don’t tell them you just want to be part of the cabin crew for free flights. While this is a great perk it detracts from the actual work you will have to do.

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