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Cabin Crew Training

Cabin Crew Training Training is one of the most important parts in the life of any candidate who is aspiring to be a part of the cabin crew. A large number of institutes provide training to candidates wanting to be cabin crew. Even though there are a lot of companies which provide training to their cabin crew after recruiting them on the basis of certain criteria. This is mainly done to train the he cabin crew as per the requirements of a particular company.

A few companies assign the training of the cabin crew to various private training companies. During the training programs the candidates are thoroughly trained by various training professionals from the airline industry. The length of the training program may vary from a few weeks to a few months. For example the training for a flight attendant may last from about 3 to 6 weeks.

In every batch thirty to 100 candidates are trained together. The cabin crew trainees are generally trained at the company’s airline training centre or the training centre of some other company. Till the training is successfully completed none of the candidates are considered as the employees of the company and are just designated as trainees which make it very important to complete the training program successfully.

Cabin Crew Training The various things which are taught during the cabin crew training are administration of the first aid, evacuation of the airplane, handling terrorist situations and other emergency situations.

Trainees learn emergency procedures such as operating in emergency systems, disruptive passengers, flight regulations, and policies of the company, Cabin service, First Aid, Uniform regulations and much more.