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Cabin Crew Job Profile

Cabin Crew Job ProfileThere are a large number of job opportunities that the airline industry has created since the time private airline companies have come into the picture. Cabin crew jobs have always managed to attract a large number of youngsters and other candidates even at the times of recession.

The job profiles which are offered to the aspiring cabin crew candidates are many and are offered to them depending on their work experience, skills, knowledge and working proficiency and the requirements of the airline company.

A few of the many job profiles that are available for the cabin crew job aspirants to choose from are:

  • Senior or lead flight attendant: The Senior flight attendant is the part of the in flight crew and is required to be in charge of all the other flight attendants in the cabin section. His duties may include coordination with the ground agent, make announcements, and handle emergency operations and many more.
  • Check flight attendant: The duty of the Check flight attendant is to conduct frequent check rides which may include initial operating experience as well as the periodic testing needed by the FAA for the flight attendants who are on the aircraft.
  • Flight attendant supervisor: The duty of the Flight attendant supervisor is to supervise the flight attendants who are at the base. His duty may also include maintaining employee records, ensuring employee discipline, and evaluation of the flight attendants.
  • Base manager: the job of the base manager is to manage all the flight attendants at the base and to work with the other managers to run the department smoothly.Cabin Crew Job Profile
  • Inflight manager or Vice President of Inflight: the Inflight manager is mainly responsible for all the activities which take place inflight. His duty also includes coordination with various other airline departments in order to ensure smooth functioning.