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Special Skills Required for a Job as a Cabin Crew Member

Cabin Crew MemberIf you wish to work as a flight attendant or cabin crew member (vernacular changes depending where you live) you will have to have a few innate skills and abilities as a person. You should care about people in general. Because it is a job that requires you to service customers – it is important that you can empathise with them. If you have a stiff personality and are unable to relate to people then you will not be good at this job. You will be required to show your employees that you can successfully commit to their customers in order to give them the service they expect as paying customers.

You will also need to have a sound knowledge of safety standards, aircraft safety systems and relevant airline protocol as it applies to international and national regulations. You will be responsible for the safety of the customers on board and tasked with making sure they are aware of where the exits are situated on the aircraft and emergency procedures that apply to any warnings they are given. You will also be an authority figure so you will need to be able to actively notify passengers as an authority on what to do in any situation.

Occasionally you may need to field queries that customers have about the airline itself. If a customer is unhappy with the food or has a problem with another customer on board then you will be responsible for diffusing the situation so that both parties are satisfied. You will need excellent mediation skills in order to maintain a good balance of customer satisfaction and comfort. It is not an easy job. Lastly, you should be willing to work hard and work hours that may not align with a typical nine to five job. It is a rewarding career if you can handle the aforementioned stipulations.

Qualifications Required to Work as a Cabin Crew Member

Becoming a member of an airline cabin crew requires dedication and training. Besides just the relationship and person to person aspect of working as a member of an airline cabin crew you should also have qualifications on an academic or tertiary training level. To begin with you should ensure you have completed your secondary schooling or have an equivalent certification. There is no actual degree that relates specifically to working as a cabin crew member – however, airlines have training courses that they put each of their cabin crew members through. If you have a degree (or have partially completed a university course) you are going to be considered more than someone who doesn’t have the same level of education.

Cabin Crew Member Specific qualifications that can help you in regards to landing a job as a member of an airline’s cabin crew will be things like your ability to speak multiple languages, customer service experience and degrees that relate to tourism, the arts or retail services. These are not the be all and end all of what an airline may be looking for when choosing their cabin crew staff. Other important factors may stem directly from your experience working in a service industry such as nursing, aged care or teaching.

Your criminal record may come into play when attempting to land a job as a cabin crew member. If the airline has any reason to distrust you then you can kiss your employment prospects in the industry good bye. Also consider whether you are eligible for a passport. Many airlines will require you to travel overseas. If you can’t get a passport then you will not be looked at as a serious contender for the position. It may even be worth your while to ensure you have a current passport active before applying.

Cabin Crew

Cabin CrewEvery airline around the world today needs to be good on its customer care services. Services of a plane are best showcased by the kind of environment it has to offer. An airplane needs to portray the best it can to earn a reputed name for itself and so therefore obviously earn a good passenger count. For each passenger all around the globe, the only expectation from the airline which they travel in is the value for money.

Value for money of the air plane ticket can be best expressed in the kind of on flight services that the airline has to offer. An airline may provide the best of facilities on the air plane but if it cannot get a crew to help guide the passengers to access those facilities, then all the facilities on the plane may be of no avail. A cabin crew is appointed by all airlines to ensure that each passenger on the airplane gets and feels that he/she is getting his money’s worth.

Cabin CrewA cabin crew is not just employed for the customer service but also for many more important tasks. On board a flight, many undue emergencies may occur. An airline’s cabin crew is prepared to tackle and deal with any kind of such emergencies. An air crew is also appointed for the safety of the passengers.

The air crew is trained to work in every possible circumstance, to deal with any problem on board and to ensure safety of every passenger on board the airplane. Each member of an air crew is is trained to brief all passengers aboard the air plane about the basic safety precautions. These safety precautions include pointing out emergency exit routes, taking the necessary precautions like wearing the seat belt during take-off and landing, and reaching out for the oxygen masks in case of air turbulence. Safety of the passengers also includes responding to a variety of emergencies. Here, the emergencies include anxiety in passengers, illnesses, and small injuries.

Cabin CrewAn air crew is responsible for the care – giving duty to the passenger. Here, the air crew represents the service dispensed by the airliner. As, the need for the air crew to display their emergency handling skills may occur rarely, the care giving skills of the air crew are taken more into consideration while judging the services of an airline. The care giving duties of an air crew includes the selling, the preparation and serving of all foods and beverages on board the air plane. The other passenger care duties of the air crew include offering comfort items to the passengers like pillows, blankets, hot towels, etc. a few members of the air crew are summoned to other duties that include dispensing entertainment product to the passengers like magazines, headsets, and other games. For those passengers who are aged and for unaccompanied minors, the air crew is expected to fulfill the mandatory formalities on their behalf.