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Airline Cabin Crew

Airline Cabin CrewEach member of an air cabin crew is responsible for the safety and comfort of every passenger on board the airplane. The air cabin crew should be such that each passenger on board the plane should leave with pleasant memories of the flight.

Each air crew member is required to attend a briefing about the flight before every flight. Post the briefing, an air crew member is required to check whether all the supplies are in place and check whether the necessary safety requirements are in place and operational. Once the passengers are summoned to board the air plane, the air crew is expected to greet the passengers at their arrival and guide them to their respective seats. Each air crew member is expected to be highly hospitable and courteous. Just before the departure of the plane, the air crew is expected to brief the passengers of the necessary safety procedures one should take in case of any kind of emergencies.

The air crew is expected to look after the passengers’ comfort. An air crew is expected to be eager and well equipped to deal with any requests or demands or complaints of the passenger. An air crew has to look after a passengers’ health. Air crew members also have to prepare, and serve food to the passengers. Along with that, the airline’s air crew members are expected to regulate whether all items required during the flight have reached the air plane or not.

Airline Cabin Crew

These days, the demand for an air crew has increased tremendously. For job hopefuls, even training institutes have sprung up all over. An air crew’s job is a challenging one but a well paying job. Average lifespan for an airline cabin crew is about 8 to 10 yrs after which they can turn to other departments for work.