Cabin Crew

Cabin CrewEvery airline around the world today needs to be good on its customer care services. Services of a plane are best showcased by the kind of environment it has to offer. An airplane needs to portray the best it can to earn a reputed name for itself and so therefore obviously earn a good passenger count. For each passenger all around the globe, the only expectation from the airline which they travel in is the value for money.

Value for money of the air plane ticket can be best expressed in the kind of on flight services that the airline has to offer. An airline may provide the best of facilities on the air plane but if it cannot get a crew to help guide the passengers to access those facilities, then all the facilities on the plane may be of no avail. A cabin crew is appointed by all airlines to ensure that each passenger on the airplane gets and feels that he/she is getting his money’s worth.

Cabin CrewA cabin crew is not just employed for the customer service but also for many more important tasks. On board a flight, many undue emergencies may occur. An airline’s cabin crew is prepared to tackle and deal with any kind of such emergencies. An air crew is also appointed for the safety of the passengers.

The air crew is trained to work in every possible circumstance, to deal with any problem on board and to ensure safety of every passenger on board the airplane. Each member of an air crew is is trained to brief all passengers aboard the air plane about the basic safety precautions. These safety precautions include pointing out emergency exit routes, taking the necessary precautions like wearing the seat belt during take-off and landing, and reaching out for the oxygen masks in case of air turbulence. Safety of the passengers also includes responding to a variety of emergencies. Here, the emergencies include anxiety in passengers, illnesses, and small injuries.

Cabin CrewAn air crew is responsible for the care – giving duty to the passenger. Here, the air crew represents the service dispensed by the airliner. As, the need for the air crew to display their emergency handling skills may occur rarely, the care giving skills of the air crew are taken more into consideration while judging the services of an airline. The care giving duties of an air crew includes the selling, the preparation and serving of all foods and beverages on board the air plane. The other passenger care duties of the air crew include offering comfort items to the passengers like pillows, blankets, hot towels, etc. a few members of the air crew are summoned to other duties that include dispensing entertainment product to the passengers like magazines, headsets, and other games. For those passengers who are aged and for unaccompanied minors, the air crew is expected to fulfill the mandatory formalities on their behalf.

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