Cabin Crew Institutes

Cabin Crew InstitutesThe job demands in the cabin crew industry as well as the rest of the airline industry have grown tremendously in the past few years. This fact has been mainly been observed because of the fact that the airline industry is a highly lucrative industry. This has resulted into the establishment of a large number of training institutes in India in the past few years. These institutes are recognized for offering abundant number of courses for Cabin crew members.

These institutes have various batches for different courses and one batch may consist of 30 to 100 students. On the successful completion of the course from the institute a certificate is provided to the students which prove to be of great help while getting recruited in the airline company for a cabin crew job.

The various things taught to the trainees during the cabin crew training are evacuation of the airplane, flight regulations, policies of the company, administration of the first aid, Cabin service , handling disruptive passengers , handling terrorist situations and operation during the other emergency situations and a lot more.

A large number of training institutes for the cabin crew aspirants are spread out across the entire country. A few of the many institutes which train candidates to become cabin crew members have been given below. They are as follows:

  • Kuoni Academy of Travel, New Delhi;
  • Skyline Educational Institute, New Delhi;
  • Flytech Aviation Academy, Secunderabad;
  • Indian Aviation Academy, Mumbai;
  • Delhi Flying Club Ltd, New Delhi;
  • Sahara India Aviation Academy, New Delhi;
  • Freebird Aviation & Management Services, Trivandrum;Cabin Crew Institutes
  • Air Hostess Academy, New Delhi;
  • Frankfinn Management Consultants, New Delhi and
  • Indian Airlines Ltd. Central Training Establishment, Hyderabad

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