Cabin Crew Career

Cabin Crew CareerThere are a large number of career options and job profiles which are available to the air cabin crew. The candidates aspiring to get cabin crew jobs can get jobs either in the public sector airlines such as Air India and Indian Airlines or can take up a job in the private airlines available today such as King Fisher, Air Deccan, Jet Airways, Spice Jet, Sahara Airlines etc. Majority of the cabin crew job seekers aspire to get a job in the private airlines when compared to the public ones.

After a few years of work experience they are given the post of a supervisor and are responsible for assigning and supervising the work to the junior cabin crew members. A large number of airlines while taking the interviews try to assign designations to the recruited candidates depending upon their choice of career. They are assigned the job depending upon their capability and suitability for the positions which are available at that point of time.

There are various career paths that the cabin crew can choose from. For example, the flight attendant can go on to become a flight attendant recruiter. This position can be highly rewarding and satisfying. It gives you the authority to take all the decisions pertaining to hiring new candidates and shaping your company by selecting the best.

Cabin Crew CareerAnother option is to be a flight attendant instructor. Here your job would be to provide training to the newly recruited candidates. In order to get this position you should be highly knowledgeable about the company policies and the methods of working as well as a lot of the latest happenings in your industry.

Various other cabin crew career options are being a catering supervisor, HR manager, Risk management head, Administration head and many more.

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