Duties Of Cabin Crew

Duties of Cabin crewThe cabin crew career is highly satisfying and lucrative and attracts a large number of candidates and youngsters mainly for the same reason. But then the job of the cabin crew isn’t very easy nor is it very boring or monotonous.

The responsibilities or the duties of the cabin crew keep varying and mainly depend on the job profile or the designation of the candidate who has been recruited. The cabin crew consists of people with varied profiles such as the air hostesses, flight attendants and flight supervisors, Pursuers and many more.

The responsibilities and the duties of the cabin crew members are many and consist of looking after the welfare, safety and the comfort of the passengers while they are travelling in the aircraft, ensuring that the tickets of all the passengers are checked thoroughly, etc.

Several other responsibilities and the duties of the cabin crew member have been listed below. They are:

  • Assisting the passengers in storing of their luggage.
  • Giving a demonstration of the safety measures such as fastening seat belt.
  • Giving knowledge about the exit doors.
  • Giving a demonstration of the manner of using emergency equipment.
  • Checking the availability of enough or sufficient first aid kits and other emergency equipment.
  • Checking the availability of sufficient food and beverages for the passengers and the cabin crew travelling on the flight.
  • Serving meals and drinksDuties Of Cabin Crew
  • Taking special care of the kids, elderly and unwell or physically handicapped people.
  • Help passengers with any kind of queries
  • Tackle special problems pertaining to the health of the passengers and emergency situations.
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